What I Wish I Knew About Money In My Early 20s

Nov 24, 2020 | Financial wellness

Let’s spice things up! Today marks the first post in a new category here on my blog, which will cover all sorts of topics related to financial freedom. In the past couple of years, I’ve started to explore the mysterious yet fascinating world of money. Well, not only money per se, but also wealth and how to build as well as manage it.

I’m still only dipping my toes into the deep waters of personal finance, but am eager to learn more (as I begin to earn more bahaha). I guess you gotta start somewhere though, and I thought one good place would be to look back at some of the things I wish I knew about money in my early 20s.

In the above video I talk more in depth about the following four things I wish I knew about money:

  1. Track your expenses and save as much as possible.
  2. Quit emotional shopping.
  3. Talk about money and finances with family/friends.
  4. Start investing early (even if it’s with pocket money).

p.s. is talking about money considered a ‘taboo subject’ in your country?

What is something you would’ve liked to know about money in your teens/20s/30s?

A marketing professional in tech by day, Lilli finds a creative release in exploring and writing about her perfectly imperfect human experience on muija. With heart and soul, she is learning how to navigate this life, and in sharing her stories Lilli hopes to inspire others to follow their curiosity, too.


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